About Us

Who we are

We are in for a better Africa

The Diplomacy and Strategy Think Tank Group (AKA Think Tank Afrik) is formed from the Master Class of 2017/2018 of Diplomacy and Strategic Studies, under the department of History and Strategic Studies, University of Lagos Akoka, Nigeria. The platform is made up of people with special interest and passion in public and international affairs.

The Diplomacy and Strategy Think Tank emulates the tradition of the world renowned Ivy League Harvard Business School, an institution that has established Think Tank groups made up of students from various academic disciplines and sessions, who regularly engage in policy issues and expand conversations with emphasis on proffering solutions to issues of global concern.

At Diplomacy and Strategy ThinkTank Group, we help to engender workable solutions to issues of concern.

Mission Statement

To become a force to be reckoned with. By this, we intend from time to time, to come up with views on national or international affairs through communiqu├ęs.

To become an influence-builder in the society. By this, we intend to drive our opinion/perspectives to the fore of the polity.

To contribute in policy formulation, analyze policies and make recommendations. By this, we intend to take up special subject matters and apply educational and research concepts to national policies, and produce white papers/policy papers to support government especially on diplomacy.


Our main objective is to help engender workable solutions to issues of concern. Specifically, we aim to:

1. To implement as a group, the theoretical knowledge gained from the classroom into strategic solutions to help solve Africa's societal problems.

2. To give back to the society by intellectually engaging like minds.

3. To engage in scholarly discussions on issues of global concern.