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Yes! ThinkTank Afrik is another name we are being described. Africa is the central of our thinking and we are a group of strategic thinkers. Ain't we supposed to be called THINKTANK AFRIK then?

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Now you know that we think and Africa is at the central of our thinkings, but what have we thought about so far? Some thinks that we think about economic issues; others political, and recently we have views that believes we think educational issues. You can only imagine along with the others but you need to see for yourself.

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Scholarly Research

Researching helps us unveil the REAL PROBLEM combating Africa

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is how we collectively develop a framework to combating these problems

Strategic Implementation

When we plan, we also think strategically on how to implement our plans


How would you feel if you realize that we do not archive our researches and strategic recommendations?

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THEME: The Peculiarity of Covid-19 cases in Africa

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Our Priorities

What we consider as our MAIN CONCERN about Africa


Poor leadership is the central problem battling development in Africa. The quality of African politics and leadership is quite unbelievable and it is time to stop blaming colonial history and taking proactive steps.


Although Africa is rich in social history, its socio-economic trends conflicts with its history. There is an extreme imbalance in the economic condition of the continent requiring immediate attention less a total collapse.


The African continent still struggles with defining quality education. Most of its professionals have had to travel outside the continent to attain professional status in their field. It can only get worse when it is ignored.


THINKTANK Afrik and the SDG Goals

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Our comittment to the growth of Africa cannot be limited to a part of the SDG goals which is why our driving force has been the No.17 SDG Goal, "Partnership for the Goals".

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Our Slogan is Scholarly Research and Critical Thinking for a better Africa

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